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Hi, I'm Penelope! I'm a 20-something mother with many passions in life. I have an ever-growing eclectic mix of hobbies including reading, art, graphic design, and bleaching t-shirts. I love trying new things...even if it's just one time.

My biggest passions are reading, photography, and art of any kind. Reading is something that could easily consume my entire life (check out my book review blog, below). Photography is something I taught myself to do, and an area that I am constantly striving to improve in. Art is one of those hobbies that I didn't realize I enjoyed until my son took an interest in it. We explore different mediums and methods all the time, creating things that may not be perfect but are dear to our hearts.

I like to blog about my son, our homeschooling adventures, things I make or do, random thoughts I have, and the occasional rant. Life has many passions to offer, and they are sweet!

Disclaimer: I took a loooooong break from blogging, and I am now slowing getting back into things. The funny thing about life is that as it goes on you change and grow as a person. I have definitely changed as a person, and so have my tastes, habits, parenting methods, and opinions. While I don't believe in editing past posts (because I love the reminder the person I used to be), I want to state that I won't be liable for any thoughts or opinions written more than a year ago. I'm a new woman! :)

I would love to hear from you! I can be contacted at: lifessweetpassions@gmail.com

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