Adventures in Headlining

This is the project I spent my Saturday afternoon on:
 It's called a headliner, and it's the buffer between your head, and the hard, sharp, metal roof of your car. I never thought I'd see the inside of a car like this, but I can tell you--I'm intrigued. Cars are u-g-l-y without all the trimmings, but it was fun to take one apart.

This particular headliner has been peeling ever since it was bought a few years ago. The fabric had been almost completely peeled off, leaving behind nasty dark yellow foam. Anytime anything accidentally scraped across the headliner (including, you know, HAIR), a shower of golden dust would rain down. It was horribly annoying. And ugly. And it got in your eyes. I seriously wish I had thought to take a before picture, because this was a nightmare. 

This is NOT my photo (photo credit), but is the closest I could find to what it looked like. The white part is the fiberglass shell (mine was green, with yellow underneath), the yellow stuff is the foam, and the empty space on top is where the fabric should be, but isn't.

One day I finally got around to checking if it was possible to reupholster it. IT IS! So I watched some Youtube videos, and took a trip to Joann's to get some headliner fabric (foam padding with fabric attached, which gives it that soft look). 
And so began my andventure into car land. I broke some stuff. And the car looked like this after I had taken the headliner out:
 I unscrewed everything that was holding the headliner in, removed the plastic covers at the corners of the car, let it drop, then pulled it out. 

It looked like that second picture, with the shell covered in foam. So I took a palm sander to it, and sanded it off as gently as I could. It worked really well, and ended up looking like the 5th to last picture in this guy's post...only more, uh, broken in from years of use. My brother helped me spray it with glue and apply and smooth out the headliner fabric. This is where my first picture comes in. So nice and smooth!

After it dried we had to get it back in, which was much easier than taking it out. Putting everything else back in place was hard though. My other brothers ended up helping, and finally it was in! Looks nice, doesn't it?
I still have the visors off, since I'm finding a way to fix them. They suffer from the same problem as the headliner did, although I can just pull the foam off since it isn't glued to it.

I definitely broke one of the plastic corner covers (rookie mistake; the glue to fix it is drying as I type), and I may have trouble getting the right visor in (that hole was made bigger by one of my attempts), but I'll take any of that over what it looked like before. So glad to have it done!

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