Cat's Out Of The Bag + Homeschooling So Far

Well, the cat's out of the bag: my son's name is Mason. I used to call him Monkey, but somewhere along the way I forgot--plus I began a blog for his cancer journey called Mase's Tumor Tales, which pretty much solidified it. So there you have it. Meet Mason:

On the homeschooling front, things are getting better and better. I'm learning how to teach Mason in ways that he will absorb what I'm teaching. I'm finding that he learns differently in each subject, and that reading is by far the hardest--and math by far the easiest. He's such a whiz in math!

I'm also learning to have patience, which I'm starting to believe is the reason I was called to homeschool in the first place. I have NO patience, and teaching a child anything new requires copious amounts of this elusive quality.  We're both learning, which is the coolest part about it all.

Mason's favorite lesson so far has been the Great Pumpkin Investigation we conducted. I got these cute investigation booklets, and used them to write our estimates as we weighed and measured pumpkins, and did other experiments like seeing if they would float or sink (am I the only one who had no idea that pumpkins float in water?), seeing if the force of the wind from a blow dryer would knock them over, seeing how tall they were, and guessed how many seeds they would have. Then we carved them.

Mason has had a fascination lately with all things scary (especially zombies), so we melted a crayon to give his jack-o-lantern a scary bloody look.

More adventures soon!

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