Mason has been out of surgery since last night, and is doing very well! I have been thinking over and over of how to put all that we have experienced into a post, but kept coming up with nothing. There is no way it would all fit. There is no way I can even express it all. There is just too much, and a lot of it is very dear and personal.

In a nutshell: the fact is that we have received a miracle. 

The neurosurgeon told us before the surgery, that he was almost certain he wouldn't get all of the tumor out. He wasn't really sure they would even get enough of it out to call it successful. But he would keep going for as long as it took. Chances looked grim, and I felt my world closing in around me as I prepared myself for the worst news I could possibly hear. 

At the time of the surgery, I felt a peace come over me. I did not worry (which is completely out of character), and allowed myself to hope for good news. But the news I heard was more than I could even imagine. The tumor--I am told--grew in such a way that it pushed his brain open and created a pathway for the surgeon to get deeper into his brain than they normally would have. They were able to remove what they believe to be about 95% of the tumor! And although he probably won't receive his hearing back, the surgeon was successful in uncovering the many delicate nerves and veins that the tumor had held captive, except for one (which is the other 5%). They are calling it a success. 

I know it is a miracle.

The road ahead will be long and arduous, but I have little fears about what lies ahead. Mason is a trooper, and is already recovering remarkably fast. Even in his pain, he keeps his sweet disposition; asking politely for things he wants, and being lulled to sleep by nothing other than Thomas the Train, played continually all night.

This boy is blessed, and I am even more blessed to be his mommy!


  1. Awh, that is a huge news. I'm so happy for you and your little miracle!

  2. He's precious. That picture just brings tears to my eyes. We'll keep praying that you all continue to heal.

  3. Wow, Pene, we've been praying and thinking about you guys and waiting for text updates from Angie, but it didn't occur to me until I read Stacie's blog about it that I could read about it from you on your blog!

    We are so relieved and happy for you and Mason. Your previous post was enough to make anyone just bawl! We'll keep you both in our prayers. Way to be such a brave, strong Mama. It can't be easy, I'm sure, but you sound like you are being brave and amazing (which is I'm sure where Mason gets his amazing spirit from. =)


  4. Wow, what a blessing!! Will keep you and Mason in my prayers.

  5. That is definitely a miraculous post to read! Thanks for sharing. :)
    (Stopping by from MMB)


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