I Heart Faces: Scenic B&W

This week's theme over at I Heart Faces is Scenic B&W. I wasn't going to enter, due to everything that's goin on right now, but I saw the theme, and this picture immediately came to my mind:

I picked it because I LOVE the place it was taken at, and I love this kid! It was taken at a family get together there this past summer, on a hill at my grandpa's ranch. My nephew and his dog were just having the best time walking through the tall grass, not paying attention to anyone else. They were doing their own thing, out in the great outdoors with more hills behind them, and just seemed right there in their element. I had to take the picture.

Good luck to the other entrants! Don't forget to go see more of the awesome entries at I heart Faces!


  1. love the doggy watching the boy...great shot!

  2. So cute and a perfect back drop!

  3. One of my most favorite parts about your talent - you capture MOMENTS!! I love it!! :) So glad to see both you and Mason on Thanksgiving!


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