3 Steps to Journaling {for the rest of us}

I've gotten a lot of comments on my blog and in person about my last post and my 5 journals, and how I keep them all. I now feel the need to come clean. I don't really "keep" them, at all. The truth is, I have never been the kind of person who could remember to write in a journal every night. This is evidenced by this blog, which has been neglected for months. 

When I decided that I really wanted to make an effort to keep a journal, I knew some things had to change. Because I knew I would never write every single day, I made a way for me to be able to write less, but end up with more.

So here is the system I came up with, and it works perfectly...for me, at least. 

1.) Have a different journal for every category you write about.

This mostly has to do with me being obsessive compulsive about my journals. I hated having one page written about how angry I was at something, and then the next page being about what cute thing my son had just done. Things kept clashing like that, and it really bothered me.
I also felt that if I was writing about something, then I had to write about everything. If I just wanted to write about something cute my son did, then I would have to write about that whole day, and everything that I missed writing about in between entries. This made me less likely to write at all.

So I divided my journaling into 5 categories, and bought a journal for each one:
1: Personal 
This is basically my journal for keeping up to date on things that happen in my life, any plans I want to make, and rants and raves.
2: Spiritual
My favorite, and most used journal. It's really helped with me staying focused on what's really important.
3: Mason 
Anything I want him to know or remember about his youth; anything I don't want to forget. When I write in this one, I write to him in the future, because I plan to give it to him when he's older.
4: Books 
A huge list of all the books I have ever read, the dates I finished them, and if I liked them or not. I also mark which ones are my absolute favorites.
5: Computer
I have a journaling software on my computer, and it is amazing! I basically use this one for writing in whenever I am too tired to pick up a pen and write. I also use it to keep my dream journal, when I have a cool dream, just because I always forget them soon after I wake up, and I can type faster than I can write.

Your categories could be anything. Just make sure they fit your life. :)

2.) Set a day aside each week that is just for writing in journals, and write in at least one.
Pick a day to write, and keep it consistent. If you always know what day you are going to write on, it is easier to set aside time to do it.
I made Sunday my journal day, because it is always the day that I am the most free, and I am guaranteed time to write. But I don't write in them all. Sometimes I have nothing to say. But I always write in at least one of them. 

3.) Write when you feel like it.
Once you are writing on that one day each week, you don't have to write in your journals any more than that. But things will come up every once-in-a-while that you'll want to write about. Go ahead and do it. Pick the journal it applies to, and write about it. But since the journal has a specific theme, you won't have to write about everything else, too...unless you want to.

Now, start journaling!!


  1. Those are great ideas, thanks for sharing how you do it! I am the same way with writing in a journal, if I stop to write one thing then I feel like I have to start where I left off and catch up first. My current "journal" consists of a file where I copy-paste most of my emails to my mom where I give her the highlights on what's going on with us, mostly with the boys :). That and my blog. I really like the idea of "theme" journals. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I have a feeling this might just work for me!


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