The S'more files (+ the Salmon Bake)

I am SOOOO behind on posts, photos, and just about everything else! I swear, these past two weeks have been the busiest of my life, and yet I have never had so much free time! Ugh. I think I'm making more work for myself than I need to. But even though they're unforgivably late, here are my photos from this weekend!

This weekend was the annual Salmon Bake, put on by the boy scouts of Malad, Idaho. Those involved cook salmon over hot coals at the city park, and serve dinner for the community. My grandpa has been in charge of this ever since it started a few (3? 4?) years ago, and we go up every year for some good old fashioned fun. And it gets better and better every year.

But the best part is yet to come. Tradition is that after the salmon bake, the hot coals (which sit in a trough, on a trailer, connected to my grandpa's truck) are brought back to the house for marshmallow roasting and S'more eating.

Unsure how to make a S'more? First, let me gasp!
Okay, now allow me to enlighten you...our style:

First, you need a trough full of hot coals. Got it? Okay, now you need a marshmallow and a roasting stick.

Put the three together and roast it. 
It usually tastes the best after it's been rolled around in the coals a bit. ;)

Grab a piece of chocolate, and put both on a graham cracker.

Smoosh it. ♥  

This is a S'more.

...and you're welcome.

(Here is a demonstration of the S'more+Creamie effect)

Thanks, grandpa!! We had the best weekend!

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  1. Try 9 or 10 years, Pen! Can you believe it? It was sooooo much fun! Great pics!


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