"T" Parties, and the Impossible

In which I did the impossible:

I got Monkey to let me take pictures of him!

And they're good.

And all it took was me going on a walk with him. We walked around our neighborhood and stopped at interesting places to take photos...and he let me take them. A walk is all it took. Who would have known?

Want to know the best part? We had SO much fun!

On our walk, we ended up at a business close to our house. My friends and I used to go there when we were little to get sodas from their machine. I had forgotten all about it! When we got close to the shop, Monkey's eyes lit up, and he ran around the corner to the machine; he had been taken there last year with his uncle, and remembered it. It's funny how such a seemingly small thing can be so cool to little eyes!

 I still can't believe the thing works! It's been there for at least 12 years! Ahh, the memories it brings back. :)

We both got orange sodas, and continued our walk. I took Monkey on paths that I usually don't take him. He was a little explorer, discovering our neighborhood all over again. Afterward, we went home to find pizza waiting for us. Yum!

In which we go to a "T" party:

Earlier today, we went to the library for the Mad Hatter's "T" Party that they hosted. It was pretty cool! I brought my camera, so I could practice taking pictures indoors on manual mode without a flash, so I got some pictures...but they are pretty bad as far as light and composition goes. But that's not what you're looking at them for, right? :)

This was Monkey's favorite part: The looking glass.

They had The Balloon Guy, who made giant mushrooms, characters, a tea set, and even a house out of balloons, which were stationed around the library wing. During the program, the Mad Hatter came around with a teapot and handed out "T". So cute!

 The Mad Hatter, and "little Alice."

 Tweedledee & Tweedledum.

The program was entertaining and pretty funny. Monkey had fun for about 3/4 of it, and then was ready to go...I'm still struggling with getting him to just. sit. still! We'll see how he does at the pirate-themed party next week...

Thanks for reading! Keep looking back in the next few days; the Orem Summerfest starts tomorrow, and you can bet I'll be blogging about that!

*You can see more pictures from today's walk on my photo blog, HERE.


  1. Super cute! Your little boy is adorable! I am so excited for the summerfest! I haven't been in 3 years and I am ready to go again!!!

  2. How cute! Those pictures turned out great, I especially love the first one. :)

  3. Shannon: I know! I was so excited for Summerfest, too...too bad it practically rained the whole time. :(

    Danette: Thank you so much!


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