The Secret's Out! Plus, Orem Summerfest Pics. 2010

I made a mistake last week on my photography blog. I typed my son's real name in the post, and posted it for all to see. Gasp! I know. I didn't realize my mistake until the next day, after people had already seen it, commented, etc..
I hyperventilated for a couple minutes, and then I thought: "what the heck?"The secret's out, and it's not such a big deal after all. I've gone back and forth for the past year, deciding if I was going to start calling him by his real name on my blog, or not. I've read just about everything out there about the pros and cons. And now, with the help of own mistake, my decision is made.

My son's name is Mason, y'all. And I've made the switch. :)

Now that that's over, here are some pics. from this weekend. Mason and I (I love that I can say that now) went to the Orem Summerfest both days it was on, and stayed through the rain showers and freezing weather. Gotta love this Utah weather.

Mason loved the rides, and went on them over, and over, and over. We did rides in the first few hours of opening on both days, so luckily there were barely any lines.

He got to sit in a firetruck, and a helicopter. He was so scared and so shy, it took a few tries to get him to go in either of them. But he did end up liking the firetruck. The helicopter? Not so much. 
 He also got golf lessons from a police officer.

Later that evening, we went to the parade. Mase has been talking about parades since January, but we haven't been able to go to any before this. He was super excited, but so shy that anytime someone came near to give him free stuff, he ran back to me. Poor kid.
His favorite part was the dog walkers, who went past with about 20 dogs (which I didn't get a picture of). My favorite was the Pirate Pizza float, with "Jack Sparrow" as the caption (which I did get pictures of).

It was a fun weekend! We also went to my sister's rugby game, and ended up getting soaked by the freak rain shower! Mase, of course, LOVED it!

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