Let's Pretend I'm a College Student For a Moment

In this scenario, I pick up my friend Mandy, and head to the grocery store. We buy toppings for pizza, and ice cream  and raspberries for desert.

We head over to our friend Melissa's house to make the pizza. She's made a delicious crust, and we add our toppings before cooking.

After we eat, Mandy makes a sauce from fresh raspberries, and we put it over the ice cream. Not to self: make this EVERY NIGHT!

Also included in this scenario: having a good time.

Later, we'll go watch Letters to Juliet...because we're impulsive like that. Yah.

We'll shed some tears, and then come out of the theater bursting with uncontrollable laughter. It will be way too late for sanity to kick in.

Eventually, the laughter will wear off, and we'll each head home.

When I get home, laundry will wait piled in the corner, my to-do list waiting on the desk, items to be crossed off....

Scenario over.

Thanks for a great time yesterday, Melissa and Mandy!

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