In Retrospect, I Should Have Just Relaxed a Little

I have been (and still am) without a laptop for the past 24 hours. I left it at my grandpa's house, in Idaho when we went up to visit. And until now, I never realized how fully dependent I am upon my laptop! For a while, I had no way to view, edit, or post, the hundreds of pictures I took this weekend, no way to check my email, no way to Google the answers to the many questions I have during the day, or to find the number of a local shop, no way to find out if my son's rash was due to the heat, or some other illness, and most annoying: no way to blog, Facebook, or Tweet my frustration about this!!

I was basically born into the digital age, since I can remember playing Bricks, and Oregon Trail on computers as early as the third grade...maybe even the second grade, but I can't be too sure we had the computer lab that year. Either way, it is definitely a new age, and access to information that once took hours to find, is now neatly organized on a search engine's database. Connections are made every day by people worlds apart. Families are updated almost instantly on the status of their members, although it has become less formal, and more abrupt. It is a sweet age, but bitter at the same time.

The lure of the internet is strong. So strong, that I think I might have died if my mom hadn't let me borrow her laptop for a while. My excuse to myself, was that I had very important information that I needed. And I needed it right then. It couldn't wait just one day, when I would then have my laptop back. No. The fact that I didn't have access, made the need to get access seem even more important.

When all was said and done, and I got the "very important information," it dawned on me that I had just had a very good excuse to be free of the fast-paced digital connections for a day.

And I didn't even use it.

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