Emma Pillsbury Goes to the Beach

Okay, so lately I have been crazily just a little obsessed with the blog: What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear (WWEPW). It's no small secret that I am a huge fan of Glee, and Emma is probably one of my favorite characters. I love the way she dresses. Her cardigans and statement jewelery? So awesome!

 Anyways, WWEPW held a fashion challenge recently, and the theme was Funky Swimsuits. The idea was to come up with an outfit and accessories for Emma, if she were to spend a day at the beach. You can see all of the entries here, but below is my favorite:

I'm loving that swimsuit. And those shorts! The bow is definitely Emma-worthy.

I didn't see the challenge until just today, when the post was already up...but I went ahead and made a few of my own outfits, anyway:

I spent the last hour playing around in Polyvore (which, by the way, I never knew existed). I think I have found a new toy. Thanks for the fun idea, WWEPW!

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