Don't You Wish You Knew my Little Brother, Too?

My sweet little brother--who at the age of 14, still kisses our mother goodbye, regardless of whether his friends are watching or not--decided to make something for his sisters and mother. While on a hike last week, he gathered flowers in each of our favorite colors, and brought them home. Here, he pressed them, and then laminated them into bookmarks for each of us. 

Purple for my mother, Red for my oldest sister, yellow for my other sister, and for me, tiny purple and white flowers, since my favorite color is green. 

I have realized that I don't talk about my little brother very much. For the longest time, we didn't get along at all. I remember a time when he was younger, and followed me around a lot. He talked to me and we played together. Then I went to high school and was too cool to play with a little kid. I think he hated me for that. We didn't get along much after that. In fact, it wasn't until just this past year, that we could even be in the same room together without arguing. Mature of me, I know. But old habits die hard. 

Now, I am constantly amazed at this boy, who is as cool and "in" as any other boy his age, yet he is thoughtful, caring, and perceptive towards those he knows and loves. He is attuned to everything that goes on in our family, and he actually cares, and tries to help whenever he can. I'm pretty sure I didn't care about a thing other than myself when I was 14. But he does. 

Having grown up in our family, this boy is a mixture of old and new. He likes all things old and vintage, and all things new and shiny. He watches and enjoys old westerns, old classics, and new movies, too. He LOVES the History channel. He will sit and listen to stories of our ancestors, and then go home and talk about how amazing the stories were. He carries an iPod just about everywhere, along with his ukulele. He taught himself how to play in less than a month. 

He dresses to his own liking, wearing big shirts, long athletic shorts, and long socks that come up to his knees. But he doesn't care how he dresses; only how clean he is. He showers a couple times a day, and will only wear clothes if he's sure they have been washed. 

Despite this, he loves the outdoors. He still explores outside whenever he can. He loves to go hiking. He loves anything that will get him outdoors...meaning he also loves sports. He is currently conditioning with the football team he wants to play for next year, and has plans to wrestle, too. But as soon as he finds a team for boys his age, he really wants to play rugby. 

...and he still isn't too cool to play with his niece and nephews. 

*sigh.* This started out as a post to show off the bookmarks he made, and now I'm talking too much. But I can't just write about one side of my little brother. I have write about it all.

I love this kid!

P.S. We get along just fine, now. In fact, he even hugged me goodbye the other day. Apparently, he's not too cool to hug his sister, either. :)


  1. Aww, this is a sweet post! I love the flower bookmarks... what a great little brother :)

  2. That's so sweet! And how cute is he with the flowers?! You do have such a sweet little brother.


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