Memories, Courtesy of my Cell Phone

Okay, it's been a while since I've updated my blog. I wanted to do an update post, but then I got caught up looking through old pictures from my phone's camera, and decided to post some of them here.

This is a recipe card (obviously). Monkey decorated it all on his own one night, and gave it to me to use while cooking. He colored it, and then attached the "special ingredients" (beads) to the sticky part at the top. I sat it on my nightstand, because I loved looking at it. Well, it lasted about a week before my pillow knocked it over, and the beads scattered everywhere. When Monkey saw it, he said he couldn't fix the same recipe twice, and crumpled it up. 
Poor guy. I loved it, too. 

 This is Monkey's version of solitaire. He spent weeks last winter, studying my dad play solitaire, and then started playing it himself. 

(Click to enlarge)
I forgot that I had taken a picture of this. It's a shirt I saw at Walmart one day, and I cracked up laughing. I love the "50 inch rims."

Hungry yet? This is my brother and sister, when we went to eat at Buca di Bepo's. We each ordered our own deserts that night, and got a huge surprise when these giant things came. Apparently "family-size portions" for the food, also translates into the same-sized portions for the desert....

I cracked up when I saw this again. I forgot about this day! My uncle and I took my little brother shopping for a snowboarding jacket (his Christmas present from me). We wandered into this store and he started trying on a bunch of hats.

This one was a surprise, because I didn't take this picture. It makes my heart race just looking at it, because that little boy is my son, and that huge expanse of white snow he's standing on--I'm pretty sure it's the lake. I don't remember him going there with anyone this winter, and when I asked my brother (who I think took the picture) if he was walking on the ice, his response was a smirk. What I don't know can't kill me, right?

The ice-walker, himself, taken just yesterday.

My friend and I, playing around last November, just before our midnight showing of New Moon started.
Oh, and I took this picture a few months ago when I got glasses. They're just for reading. But do they make me look smart? :)
I'm a true bookworm, now...reading glasses and all.

Last, but not least: my sister, my son, and I, sometime last fall. :)

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