Flower Bookmarks For the Taking!

I almost never use bookmarks.


Because I'm more picky about my bookmarks, than I am about the books I read.

If you want to go into detail, I can tell you all about how my bookmarks have to match my mood, which has to match my book (theme and cover), all of which can change at any given time in the day, etc....


This usually results in my use of completely random objects to hold my place (bobby pins, receipts, rewards cards, etc...). Because if it's not technically a bookmark, then it does not--technically--have to match my criteria.

But I got bored one day.

And in that boredom, I decided to make my own bookmarks.

So I used some photos that I took last week (see them here on my photography blog!), and played around in Photoshop. I wanted to keep them for myself, but I decided it would be more fun to share them! Download and print them off (mine looked the best when I used some cheap photo paper I had), and have fun reading!

*The actual size of these is 2.5x6 inches.

Download HERE

Download HERE

Download HERE

Download HERE


  1. So, so cute! I love them. I love the pictures also.

  2. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  3. Those are really great! The first one is my favorite! Beautiful!


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