The Digital Age

Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil, wrote an awesome news article that posted today (read it here). She writes about the usage of Blackberrys, and iPhones, and how the virtual world has made it socially acceptable to lull-out of a conversation in favor of reading the latest text, email, or blog post.

What she writes is so true! And I have to admit, that I have done some of these things myself, albeit without the efficiency of an iPhone. She mentions how the purchase of her laptop changed her life, and I can't help thinking how much it changed mine. I mean, it's portable. That means I can take it almost anywhere. When life gets boring, I can whip out my laptop/cell phone/iPod, and entertain myself. But lately, that happens all the time. And sometimes it is at the expense of times spent with my son.

I have found that I am getting bored faster, and easier. I start to bring these things out more often, and for longer amounts of time. I can feel my patience dwindling, because everything around me is made to be faster...better. With any free time, I catch my eyes straying across the room to where my laptop sits, open and running, because it is rarely turned off for fear I would need it immediately. And to tell the truth, I have had a cell phone since I was sixteen, and since then, I have forgotten how to have a phone conversation...what do people talk about on the phone? It's so much easier to send a text out. It's straight, and to the point. For me, texting is the new calling. 

But despite this, I do know when it's appropriate, and when to put the things away. When I'm with family, I forget I even have a cell phone. When I'm at work, where cell phones are dangerous to carry around, I leave mine in my purse, even though it seems everyone else carries theirs around.

But when I'm out with friends (a rarity in an of itself), and all they seem to be doing is texting (because it's socially acceptable when you're in college, right?), then I can't help it anymore. I whip mine out, because I would rather have something to do than stare at their fingers blazing across their key pads.

Even my mother is on the virtual bandwagon. She knows more about technology, and in fact, has more technology that I do. She can fix just about any problem I could ever have with my laptop. She can tell me which of two digital products are better, and why. I go to her for any technical questions. She's an English teacher, and has all of her lesson plans on her laptop, backed up by external hard drives. She is the very definition of modern, and always has been.

But sometimes, when she and I both sacrifice time with family for time with our laptops, I wonder if the the digital age is really a good thing. I love you mom please don't be angry at me for posting this!

And this is what it has come to; something I can't even claim not to be a part of, because I am. I don't blame Lindsay for being afraid of what is happening to the world. I am too.

P.S. There have been some major changes over at my photography blog! Check out the new look: http://penelopelphotography.blogspot.com/

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