Saturday's Schedule Vs. What Really Happened

Saturday's Schedule/To-do list:
7:30     Wake up. Get self and Monkey ready.
8:15     Buy items to make a diaper cake for my cousin's baby shower
9:00     Watch my sister's kids while she moves into her new house, and assemble diaper cake when my mom and sister get there 1 1/2 hours later.
11:30   Leave for the baby shower, which is at noon. Bring the kids.
3:00    Go back to my sister's house and keep watching the kids until they are done moving.

It looks simple, right?

That is SO not how it went. Let me break it down for you.

Here is how it really happened:
7:30     Woke up and got ready.
8:15     Woke Monkey up and got him ready.
8:30     Went to Blockbuster to return movies before I had to buy them.
8:35     Came back home. Waited for my brother to finish getting ready.
8:40     Rushed to store, because I can't make the diaper cake without supplies.
9:00     Finally leave the store, but they didn't have rubber bands. And I NEED rubber bands.
9:05     Stopped at McDonald's, because we all realized we forgot to eat!
9:15     Called my sister to tell her that we are going to be late, but we are on our way.
9:50     Dropped my brother off at my sister's house to watch the kids, while I run to another store to get rubber bands.
10:05   Got a call from my sister. Her washer isn't hooked up and she doesn't have clean jeans for her son; can I please go to Target and buy him some jeans?
10:30   I am finally at the house and watching the kids.
11:00   My mom and sister are here now, and are watching the kids while I make the diaper cake 
11:20   I'm still not done! I have GOT to hurry.
11:40   Still not done. I really didn't think it would take this long.
11:55   I'm done, but now we have a "car seat situation." All the car seats need to be moved. Thank goodness my sister is the car seat expert. I am taking pictures of the cake while she moves the seats. :)
12:30   We FINALLY make it to the baby shower, and I can relax
  The rest of the day went on as planned. The shower was adorable! The little touches made all the difference. My cousins are really into cooking and baking and always have the best tasting recipes. The salad was delicious I really want the recipe, auntie Pam :), and I could not get enough of the poppy seed cup cakes my cousin Stacie made (bottom right corner).  When it came time to open presents, I snapped some pictures of the mother-to-be. I'm a little embarrassed, because most of them didn't turn out too well. But the few that did really show what a cute mother Jessie is!

Jessie's diaper cake. I was told her colors for the baby were pink and black, so this is what I came up with. At first I had a thick black ribbon around the middle layer with a big bow. It looked more like a wedding-ish diaper cake, so I changed it out for the thick pink ribbon with a bow, and it looked much better.
Some pictures I took later that day of the kids. I ♥ these kids!

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