Next Time, I'll Check the Weather Channel

We woke up this morning, with every intention of going to the St. Patrick's day parade. It's held in Salt Lake, and is put on each year by the Hibernian Society of Utah.

Monkey had been looking forward to this thing for the past two months. Not necessarily the St. Patrick's day parade, but ANY parade. His big thing now, is: "When we gonna go to a par-rade?!" So I jumped at the chance of taking him to one, even if it meant hauling three kids (Monkey, plus my sister's kids, who are staying for the weekend) to Salt Lake to watch the parade. Well, we got half-way up there before it started raining and we had to turn around. Bummer. I was actually looking forward to this one...I love celebrating St. Patrick's day. And not just because my favorite color is green. :)

On the way back, the kids decided to play twenty-questions; which is really code for howmanyvariationsofthesamequestioncanweask?  I got to hear the question: "why aren't we going to the parade?" asked in many different forms, until they eventually fell asleep. I felt bad, but rain is rain.

Just after we got off the freeway, we passed this flag, blowing in the wind. The clouds were low on the mountains, creating a covering of mist. I took a mental picture, thinking to myself of how gorgeous it was. Two minutes later, I turned around and whipped my camera out. I knew I had to try and capture it. This is the third time I have used the Manual setting on my camera (now that I have an idea of how it works), and it took about 80 pictures to get this one! But it was SO worth it!

It sort of, kind of, makes up for the parade...at least to me. Now, the kids are a different story, entirely.

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