Mommy's Magic Nighttime Music (In Which I Let Out Embarrassing Truths About Myself)

Let me explain two things first:

1.) I absolutely cannot sleep without some sort of noise. This is preferably soft music coming from my iPod, which I play at night. Which leads me to the next thing....

2.)My favorite music genres are New Age & Classical. It all started three years ago with my sister's Enya obsession and some old CD's of my grandma's. From there, it spiraled onward, to the point where I am officially obsessed.  It is definitely an acquired taste, as some songs that I wouldn't even listen to a year ago, are now on my top 20 list. I delve deeper and deeper into the realm of new age music each day.
Monkey shares this liking. He likes any type of music. Literally. Plus, he loves to sing and hum along to the tunes.

So now, the bulk of the story:

Monkey believes in monsters. He "sees" them in the closet, the window, outside, on the TV, etc.... I have been trying for months to shake this monster thing. I guess it is all a part of growing up, but when he wakes up every-other night, screaming from a nightmare, I want to take all of his problems away. I'm the mommy, I should be able to do that. I used all the best tricks I knew; the ones that were used on me when I was little. I gave him a "protecting blanket," told him to pray, and tried anything and everything else I could think of to calm his mind. Yet he still goes to sleep every night curled up into me as tight as he can possibly get.

So tonight, as we laid there and he told me yet again that he was afraid, I decided to try a different strategy. I knew my strategy this time would have to be so strange, it took imagination to make it work. I knew he had to be able to see what I was saying in his mind.  I thought about how much my son uses his imagination; that same imagination that I have. Which is why I really feel him on the monster thing; I know how it is.

So I turned on my nighttime music--the playlist we listen to every night--and I began my tale. It was about magical music. Music that had the power to repel monsters. Music that, when played, would creep across the walls, dancing and intermingling, until it had formed a barrier. I demonstrated with my hands (in a rather goofy, embarrassing way), how the music danced. We went over each place in the room: the closet, the window, the ceiling, the vents, until Monkey felt like everything had been covered by the magical music. When the next song came on, he took over, making sure the music covered the rest of the house. When all was done, I told him that as long as the music played, the barrier would hold, and any monsters trying to come in would hit their heads and bounce off of it (yep, I really said that).

He was asleep about thirty seconds later, after having me turn the music up a little louder.

...and I am awake, hoping that this one finally woks...at least for a little while, until he stops having so many nightmares.

And here they are, in all their magical glory, 16 of Monkey's favorite songs from "Mommy's Magical Nighttime Playlist:"

Heartmagic, by Gary Stadler
 Eclipse by Suzanne Ciani
Saragasso Sea, Suzanne Ciani
Huit, by Deuter
And Winter Came, by Enya
Heartbeat, by Drums on Earth
Ancient Way, by David & Steve Gordon
The Immigrant, by Joanie Madden
The Quest, by Stanton Lanier
Emerald Dawn, by Bill Douglas
A Heart in Love by Jose Balter 
Forest Hymn, by Bill Douglas
Awakening, by Liquid Mind
Next World, by Drums on Earth
Finding Elysium, by Marc Enfroy
Flying Dream, by Peter Kater


  1. Great post. I love that you were able to get your little boy to sleep with a tale :-)

  2. ...but when you woke up in the morning, did it work? I hope you had wonderful sleep!!!

  3. I don't think that sounds embarrassing, I think it sounds like a good and sweet mom thing.
    I also think it could make a fun childrens book... just sayin'

  4. It worked! :) At least for one night. When he woke up this morning, he hadn't had a bad dream, and he told me we should listen to the music all day. I had to tell him that we couldn't leave it on all day, so I can see that it has backfired a little. But at least his mind was calmed last night, and hopefully many other nights, too!

    Lisa: That's a great idea! It probably would make a good childrens book!


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