Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have

I bought a computer desk from Office Max last Friday. They were out of the one I wanted at the store, so I placed an order for it to be shipped to my house (for free...I LOVE free). On Friday, I was told it would arrive on Monday. When I called on Monday, I was told that was a mistake, and that the desk was in Utah, but would arrive on Tuesday. She blamed it on the "local courier" they were using. Fine.

Today is Tuesday, and still no desk.  I called again (because they only give you a number to check the shipment status) and was told by whomever I talked to, that the desk had just left their warehouse in Denver, Colorado, and would hopefully arrive tomorrow.


Didn't the other girl yesterday tell me it was already in Utah?

I mentioned this to the guy I spoke to, and his reply was: "Yah, I see that here. She put a note on here saying that they should have shipped it on Monday, but didn't."

I repeat: Umm....

Why didn't she tell me that straight up, so I didn't spend the entire day cleaning and organizing the room like a madwoman, afraid It wouldn't be done before the desk came, and then denying requests to leave the house, because we had to "wait for mommy's new desk to come?"

Normally, I would be fine. These things happen. The receipt even says it would take 1-3 days to arrive. That would make tomorrow the third day, calculating by their "processing times." But this just means I get to repeat today all over again.

Sheesh. I'm still angry.

To calm myself while Monkey takes a nap (and is still taking a nap...he's going to be up all night), I've been editing pictures and putting storyboards together. Here are two storyboards from when we went to Nicklecade last week. The poor kid. I'll have to take him on another Mommy-Monkey date this week, to make up for going absolutely nowhere, and cleaning all day today. I wonder if there are any G-rated movies out in the theater right now....

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