Learning the Hard Way

I woke up this morning and started writing a new post. I had two lines written, before our fire-alarm went off.  After running upstairs with Monkey in my arms, I saw that someone had just burned food in the broiler. Phew!

It was then that I decided to give Monkey his first lesson about fires.

We stood under the blaring fire alarm, as I explained what the sound meant. After fanning the thing, so it would stop beeping, I took Monkey into the room and explained what to do if the alarm ever went off again.

I told him how he needed to get outside as quickly as he could, and to stay outside. His eyes got big as I explained that he should never go and hide from a fire, because the fire would find him.

I stopped talking. We stared at each other. His eyes got teary.

And I realized that I was saying this to a 3-year-old. The same 3-year-old whom I had told that our house was a place that the monsters he insists are real, could never find him.

Way to be consistent.

As I thought of how to recover, he had already thought it through. "So I will run outside as fast as I can," he said, and a smile crept back to his face.

I exhaled, hoping that I didn't forever scar his mind with images of fire chasing him, and went on to make a game out of teaching him to stop, drop, and roll.

I'll probably wait until he's older to teach him about it again...or maybe I just need to learn to be tactful.


  1. Pene, loved this post. You're such a good mother!

  2. I think you did fine by telling him that. It's important that he knows what to do b/c a lot of kids do try to hide in closets or something. At least he'll probably remember if the situation ever comes up.
    It's hard to know how much and when to teach our kids different things, but I think as long as you are telling them the truth it's good.

  3. Laura: thank you! I am so glad you visited!

    Rachel: Thank you, too! I agree with your comment. It's hard sometimes, to judge what I should and shouldn't say to my son, and when. My biggest fear is that I won't prepare him for something he'll have to face (like the hiding from fires thing). But I guess that the unknown is a part of motherhood, and I just have to do as best as I can!


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