In Which Links Become my Blogging Material

I'm going to lay it out there: I have nothing to blog about. Sure, I have about four or five posts that are planned. I have one or two outlines written. But none of then are done. And so I sit here, listening to Monkey pick out notes on the piano (SO cute!) while I catch up on the last of my long-neglected blog reading. So many great posts have been written in the past two weeks!

EnviroMom wrote a post called Calculating the Carbon Footprint of a Fish, in which she talks about her daughter wanting a pet. It is SO funny, and she describes my feelings, exactly, about pets and children.

 Amy, from Crunchy Domestic Goddess, wrote about Kourtney Kardashian's inspiring childbirth, and how it has made a great example of what real childbirth can be like. Watch the videos on this one.

Lindsay, from Suburban Turmoil, wrote her own Passive Aggressive Notes, and left them for her family. My favorite is the one she left the toy box! Also, the Oscar Recap (in pictures) that she did for She's Still Got It, was hilarious! It summed the night up quite nicely.

This post from Nicole, of 60Piggies (one of my favorite bloggers), shows such beautiful writing and insight. Plus, the pictures (especially the last one) are awesome!

These next three posts have set the daydreamer loose in me. Melissa, from The Polkadot Chair, took a 3-day trip to France...and blogged about it. Alarm! I LOVE reading about people's travels. My favorite post is the second day, where they visit Versailles, and tour the Chateau. And, AND! They visited Marie Antoinette's  little village in the back of Versailles. Sigh. I cannot tell you how much I envy that. Don't forget to read the about the first day, and the last day.

And finally, I have links to recipes for the amazing cupcakes and salad I talked about in my post about the baby shower!

That's it! Have a great day!

Oh, and what post wouldn't be complete without pictures? :)

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