The Extent That These Idiots Will go to...and I Almost Fell for the Scam

I got an email today from my cousin who lives far away on the East Coast. She was mugged. At gunpoint. I re-read that line. Yep, she was mugged at gunpoint. All her belongings were taken. My heartbeat quickened, and I felt like I would cry. All I could thinks was: Is she okay? Are her kids and husband okay? I wonder if she needs help.

And then I read the second paragraph. The part where she asks me to please send her money to pay her hotel bills, because they won't let her leave England (she took a quick trip) until they were paid. And she was mugged, so she had no money. And the embassy was absolutely no help.

I laughed.

D@!% scammers. They almost had me.

It got me thinking, though. How much effort had been put into this.

I mean, someone out there took a look at my blogroll. Someone out there saw my new organizational skills I put to good use, labeling each of the blogs as siblings, cousins, friends, etc.... Someone out there went to my cousin's blog (presumably picking her because she was first in the cousins list) and somehow got her last name.
Someone out there created an email address on Yahoo with her first and last name, and typed up an emotional email to send to me, specifically.

*Edit: Narcissus, much? That's not what happened. It turns out, it really was her email, and I wasn't the only one who got it. Her email must have been hacked...which means I actually have her wrong email address in my contacts! Agh! I really do wonder how many times this happens, though...and how many people fall victim to it.

This was smart.

This was cruel.

And I hate whoever that someone is. I wonder how many people have fallen for this.

And now I'm off to change my blogroll completely.

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  1. I got the email, too...its actually from her legitimate email...someone hacked her email. stupid people. Got my heart racing too at first...I called my dad to make sure I wasn't crazy and this wasn't real. Of course it's not. Stupid people!


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