The Photo Trance

I'm sitting on a train with Monkey and his cousin, headed on a scenic trip around the lake. It's the first time Monkey has been on a train, and he is enthralled. He and his cousin stare out the windows at the scenery moving past, and examine the functions of the windows. We haven't been traveling for ten minutes, before they have figured out how to open the windows, and pull down the sun shade. They're too excited to pose for pictures.

It's an hour-and-a-half later, and we have already braved the "perilous" trip across the carts to get lunch. With full stomachs and the lulling rocking of the train, the boys are finally settling down. Now is my time. Slowly, I slide the cover off the camera one more time, hoping the get some pictures of their actual faces; no more pics from behind!

The sound of the shutter is all I hear as I snap away at two smiling faces. They are talking to each other and showing off their band aids and a smiley face. I am lost in the moment, laughing as I document this friendship.

The train is jostled a bit, and am pulled I back from my photo-taking trance. The chatter of the other passengers and the chugging of the train comes back to my ears. Monkey crawls into my arms and falls asleep. A few minutes later, my nephew does the same.

Days like these leave the greatest memories in my mind!


  1. How fun!! It's been a while since we took our boys on a train ride, but they absolutely loved it! It looks like Monkey and his cousin had a great time :).


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