This Week's Etsy Finds: Bookmarks!

Today I have been scouring Etsy in search of one thing: a bookmark. I am notorious for using random, embarrassing things as bookmarks...meaning that I just grab whatever is within reach. I've used receipts, mail, bobby pins, rubber bands, Q-tips (unused), and even flowers.

So I decided it was time to get a bookmark. I don't want the paper kinds that get lost after three chapters. I don't just want a bookmark. I want THE bookmark. The one that symbolizes how I feel when I read a book. The One that I just won't leave laying around anywhere.

...hence, Etsy, the home of all things good (in my opinion).

 It turns out Etsy had a lot to offer this shopper, in terms of page-keepers. I got lost in a sea of thongs, clips, and canes. It took a while to sift through the offerings, but here are some that stood out to me.

This first one from Glamasaurus pretty much sums up your typical female reader (or me, at least):

The fact that I liked this next one surprised me, since I'm not a huge Alice in Wonderland fan...but this book thong has grown on me:

I have no idea what a Grichel is, but these bookmarks actually look pretty cool (except for the odd, creeper feeling I get when I think about them too much):

I love this idea of a custom photo charm!

 This list wouldn't be complete without a bookmark inspired by Twilight:

Actual forks made into bookmarks...I don't know whether to admire or run....

These last bookmarks really hit the spot for me, but the problem is that I can't decide on just one! These are my favorites:
Snowtrain, Summer as Seen Through Grasses, and Horses in the Mist

I haven't picked one yet. I'm leaning towards getting one of those last three, but I'm still looking just in case. What do you think?

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  1. Summer as seen through the grasses is very pretty.


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