Tutorial: Making My First Diaper Cake!

Today, just before I walked out the door to get a present for a friend who just had a baby, I came across this post, from Plan the Perfect Baby Shower. It shows a cute way to make a diaper cake, using a bottle of lotion as the internal structure. So easy! I immediately went to the store and bought supplies. I loosely followed the pictures of the tutorial I found, and I think it turned out great! Here is how I put mine together (list of supplies at the end):

Time spent: 45 min.
Diapers used: 84 (I started out with a box of 92 size 1 diapers, and had 8 diapers left over)

Items needed:
Cardboard or plastic cake platter (or pizza sheet) ;)
Large baby lotion bottle
5 oz. baby bottle

60-85 diapers, depending on the size of your lotion bottle, and how tightly you roll the diapers!
Small rubber bands (enough for each diaper)
6 large rubber bands
4 shish kabob skewers (any cheap brand will do)

Thick ribbon
Flowers, or any other decorations you want to add

Base: It was recommended that I use a cardboard or plastic cake platter to set the cake on. I went to the dollar store first, and they didn't have cake platters, so I literally bought and used a $1 pizza sheet. :D

Bottom layer: The first cake layer consists of three rows of diapers. I rolled each diaper really tight so that only white showed on the outside, and secured each diaper in the center with a small rubber band. I then formed a circle by placing the diapers around the base of the lotion bottle, and securing them with a large rubber band. I found that it is easier to wrap the rubber band around the lotion first, and then add each diaper in one-by-one. My first row fit exactly 10 diaper rolls, which is different than the amount in the instructions I followed. This may be because of a difference in lotion bottle sizes. I repeated these steps for the second and third rows, adding how ever many diapers would fit in the rubber bands without breaking. Er, for some reason, I did not count exactly how many diapers fit in each row!

Middle layer: I did the same as above for the second layer, wrapping the diapers around the top of the lotion bottle, creating only two rows of diapers.

Top Layer: I made the top layer by wrapping one row of rolled diapers around a 5 oz. baby bottle, and placing it on top. It had a hard time staying on, since it wasn't attached to the other layers, so I inserted four shish kabob skewers into the top and middle layers, to keep it from sliding off. Sounds crazy, but it worked perfectly!

Finishing touches: After it was all assembled, I added a thick ribbon to cover up the rubber bands. I also added flowers to cover the top of the bottle and to make it look pretty. I originally wanted to add small bottles of baby shampoo, a small blanket, and a stuffed animal, but I ran out of time. I ended up just tying on some pacifiers and calling it good. Either way, I love how it turned out!

I think I have a new hobby! :)


  1. We just gave my sister-n-laws baby shower. My mother-n-law made her a diaper cake. I had know idea what this was. This is a great present and decoration. Our topper was baby shoes. My next shower I will definatly make one. Yours looked fantastic.

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