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If you live in my house, or have ever received a present from me, you know that I am a big fan of Etsy. I don't know what it is about the site, but the jewelery and other items I find there just seem to match my style...or what I would like my style to be. Either way, I get lost on Etsy, multiple times per week, just finding things that I like/want/need. So to satisfy my need to purchase each and every set of earrings I come across, I have decided to share my finds with you (yes, you!), in the hopes that someone out there will share my same adoration of Etsy's treasures (and maybe I'll get a birthday present, or two, from my family out of this). ;)

This week's finds (starting with my favorite one):

The Most Cherished necklace, by Lecollezione
 The color of the bird charm, with the simplicity of the pearl is gorgeous! This may or may not be my next purchase...I'm still deciding on how much self-control I have.

My next finds are these Antique Copper Wire-Wrapped Earrings, from ALLearzjewelery, and this Precious Treasures Mixed Metal Necklace, from sTuckinthecoop. The earrings are simple and vintage-looking, with the chocolate veins creating a crackled look. The necklace is just plain cute, and I love the odd mixture of colors and shapes.

I also found this Tickled Pink necklace, from Arete. Can you tell I like the bird charms? I also like vintage keys and random bits put together.

And look at this locket! I think it is gorgeous!

The emerald green is so eye-catching, and I love of the filigree.
Emerald Green Heart Filigree Locket, by SomethingExceptional

Lastly, I found these Lilac Blossom Earrings while searching for a present for a friend of mine. I didn't get them for her, but I'll keep them in mind, because they're vintage-ey looking, and fabulous. Don't you just love that deep pink color?

Have any great Etsy finds? Let me know! I love, love, LOVE, finding new artists and their items!

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  1. I love those! I need to be sure to stay away from that site because I get lost--hopelessly! I love your style--especially the metal necklace with all the stuff on it. sigh. I need more money:)


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