Ramdomness: Cookies and Cool Links

I've been catching up on my reading around the blogosphere this week and wanted to share some cool posts I found. But before that, feast your eyes upon this:

Don't these look fantastic? They certainly tasted fantastic! Monkey and I tried a this new recipe today, from the Hershey's website.  These were so fun to make! They're super sweet, which is good, if you have a super sweet tooth like I do. :)

Back to the post. Here are some cool posts I found this week:

Nicole, from 60Piggies, wrote a deep and thoughtful post titled: Far off Places. I've been thinking about it all week, anytime I catch myself thinking about "far off places." Which is a lot. ;)

This is actually from last year, but I loved reading it: Jennifer, from Hope Studios, wrote a post on How to Wear a Scarf. Scarfs are my third favorite accessory, and there are so many ways to wear them! If I could wear them at my current job and not get killed, I would. Every. Day.

My friend was wondering how to make those cute earwarmer headbands that are getting so popular. Here's a tutorial: Headband Earwarmer Knitting Pattern, from TIF.

This Personalized Wall Clock Tutorial, from Little Birdie Secrets, is so cool! I'm thinking about making a similar one for Monkey's room. He ADORES clocks.

And finally, these next two win the awards for the coolest. Ideas. Ever. Check out this Single Serving Pie-in-a-Jar Tutorial, from Our Best Bites, and these Pie Pops, from Luxirare.

Aren't they so fun! They would be perfect for a wedding, or a baby shower, or a neighbor gift. And though I have none of those excuses to make them, I just might have to anyway, JUST BECAUSE. :)



  1. Pene those cookies look amazing! I will be trying them! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for linking me! What a nice surprise :) I'm glad I could help with your 3 favorite accessory!


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