New Year, New Layout, New Effort!

I know I have been greatly lacking in my blog updates lately. I feel like I have been in a blogging rut for the past eight months. I have had no new ideas, and absolutely no drive to blog.

For a while, I though I was all blogged out.

But the more I think about it, the more I want to get back into blogging. I really do like it! I love talking about the things that are important to me. I love sharing my stories with the blogging world. Which is why I've decided to give blogging a new effort this year. I can't promise that I'll blog every day like I used to, but I can promise that I will update more often. 

So, in honor of new beginnings, I have updated my blog layout! Gone is the ultra-wide columned layout, and in is this cleaner look, complete with new buttons (which are probably my favorite part). I'm not finished tweaking it to my liking yet (I'm not too sure about what's going on in the columns), but I'm happy with the way it looks so far. What do ya think?

I really hope I can pick this up again and keep this blog going. I'm getting excited already! I'm especially excited to talk about some of the reaaaally good books I've read lately. :)

Expect updates!

P.S. The fonts of the post titles, and in my header are from Kevin and Amanda. They have some of THE cutest fonts around! Learn how to change your post titles to a custom font here.

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