To Live Without....Or Not

It occurred to me today, as I was doing who-knows-what online, that there are a lot of things that I simply could not live without. I'm not talking about water and TP. Those are a given. I'm talking about random things that surprise even me, with how much I use them! They've been floating around in my mind today, and I've finally narrowed them down into categories.

 *I do not endorse these items. I receive no compensation, whatsoever, for any of these statements. They are my own, personal, opinions.   

Netflix - I swear, I could cut off the cable and live off of Netflix. They now have most of their movies and TV shows available online. It's so nice to be able to whip out Thomas the Train whenever I need it.

Pandora - This is a recent development, since I just found out about this yesterday (thanks, McMommy). Seriously. And I foresee a long future with me and the Pandora radio.

Google - I'm not sure that I've touched a dictionary, thesaurus, or textbook, since Google was invented. Literally anything  that I want to know can be found by Google.

At home:
Cell phone - I remember using pay phones to call for rides when I was thirteen. There were clocks on every corner to tell you the time. If mom had left for the grocery store, it was already too late to ask her to grab you some chips. I accidentally left my phone in the car the other day and had no idea what time it was, or even where I could find a clock. When I visit the grocery store, I get at least three calls with requests for things forgotten. I really couldn't live without my cell phone anymore, which I admit, is sad.

Mascara - You may also know me by my other nickname: No-Lashes. It is pathetic how short my lashes are. Mascara is my best. Friend.

Books - Haha, but we all knew that.

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