You Won't be Bored for a Second, Sis

...because I've got you covered. I know you're being induced in the next...six-or-so hours, after which, you'll be stuck in bed with nothing but a laptop, IV fluids, a couple monitors, a nurse, contractions, and a few cups of ice (of course). So, to ensure that you will never be bored (as the title so proudly proclaims), I've come up with a list of twenty-three frivolous things to do while waiting on the birthing table. And they're all divided neatly by category, to suit whatever your fancy may be at the moment of reading.

23 Absolutely Frivolous Links

Interesting Pictures

Creative photos by Chema Madoz
Elana Kalis underwater photography
Slideshow of "transparent" laptop screens
Photoshow of the timelapse of a city
Tree Shapers: Love these!


    Ukranian Sand Artist: This is hands-down, the coolest video
    Birds are secretly composers
    Hulu: I'm pretty sure you already know about Hulu, but just in case, this is the end-all-be-all to movies and TV shows online. Catch up on your favorite seasons...it's either now, or never!

    Gorgeous Photography

    Amazing photographs of nature
    A surrealist garden
    80 examples of macro photography: Once you get past all the bug pics, these are great!


    30 most hilarious license plates
    Funny night light
    2009 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Winners: An annual challenge "to compose the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels."
    Save the Words


    Astrology and the constelations
    Photography tips and tricks you didn't know
    The size of our world: SO cool to look at!
    Sunk Cost Bias: (via @princesslsl) Completely worth reading...and re-reading. :)


    I have no idea what to call this one
    The Crimson Room: This is--in my opinion--the ultimate escape game, although there are others out there. Oh yah, and after you're sucked into the game, and you get stuck...there are walkthroughs available online. ;)
    Fantastic Contraption: Love, love, love, this game. Definitely a time-suck.
    Special Defects: Spend ten mintues with this game and you'll still accomplish absolutely nothing in life.

    Love you, sis!

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    1. Thank you so much Sis! Sorry Sila came out so quickly, it probably took you longer to compile this than my labor was... But I love you and appreciate you doing this for me. I'll use this while I nurse in the middle of the night.

      Love ya!


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