Spending Detox

In a week from now, I will be doing the "Don't go over in October" spending detox challenge, hosted by Ms. Career Girl. The basic rules are that we participants cannot spend any money on "shopping" (shoes, books, new clothes, makeup, hair/nails, etc...) for the entire month of October, and we cannot spend more money than what we earn. It is strictly a necessity-only budget. Oh, and we can buy gifts, too...but I'm guessing that doesn't include gifts to myself.

In thinking about this challenge, it dawned on me that I'll be needing a lot of things in October. And since I can't buy them then, why not now? So planned ahead and made a shopping list of things I need to purchase by September 30th.

Chocolate: enough to create a stash that will last through the month.
Eyebrow waxing/haircut: I need to find sometime when I can go in and get these done, but they WILL happen!
Books: I have a few I was planning to buy next month, but I'll settle on one, and I'll buy it this month.
Mascara: Mine needs to be replaced.

Shoes: New workout shoes. At first, I justified this as a necessity, because I cannot exercise without shoes, but then I read an article on the many problems of justifying purchases. Plus, my workout habits are lacking.
Jeans: I just need one more pair, then I'm good for the next month. I promise.

Now, let's see how far this conservative spending thing goes...


  1. I have a free haircut coupon for David Douglas Salon in the Riverwoods. You might even have to use it before October, but it would be free. Let me know and it is yours!

  2. What a great post, Penelope! I am doing something similar now. I think it's good to periodically detox! There's so many things that we purchase that we just don't need and it's good to remember what's really important.

    Good Luck :D!

  3. ooo! I'd love to hear how this goes at the end of the month! Maybe i should try this in January (because there is no way I could stick to it in November or December! ;)


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