Awesome New Moon Trailer

New Moon is just a few months away from being released, and my excitement is building with each new trailer. 

Last year, I loved watching Twilight, even though it didn't live up to the hype. This year, I have high hopes that New Moon will live up to the hype, especially since it was my favorite of all the books. Gasp! I may have created some enemies with that last sentence.

Here is another sneak peek at New Moon, via Summit Entertainment and YouTube. We get glimpses of the wolf pack, Jane, St. Marcus' day, ect.... I love it!
(If you can, watch it at this link, as the picture and sound are ten times better.)


  1. Thanks for sharing!!!! I am SO excited for New Moon. This was my favorite of all the books. SO GOOD!!!! Wow, I sound like a teenage girl :) oh well!

  2. AH! Thanks Pene! I'm so excited!!!


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