Okay, I promise I am still alive, even though it has been a while since I've posted. I don't want this blog to fall by the wayside, so I am back today with a few announcements.

1.) My blogoversary is in 16 days! I'm debating on whether or not to hold a couple giveaways...I need to do something to celebrate the event!

2.) My birthday is in 7 days! Another reason I may do some giveaways.

3.) You all know McMommy, right? If you don't, you should, because she is the most hillarious and truthful blogger, and I read her blog every day. I won some amazing gifts over at her giveaway blog, McMommy and Me. In June, I won season 4 of The Closer (one of my FAVORITE shows), and season 1 of Raising the Bar, plus a t-shirt to go with it. Amazing!

Today I just found out that I won a $50 gift card to Paper Culture, an online store specializing in invitations, announcements, etc. Awesome! Thanks, McMommy!

4.) Last, but not least, I want to direct anyone who is interested, over to my sister's blog (it just got a new facelift, and I think it looks great). Latu is an amazing writer, and her posts (see her favorites section for the best of the best) are always insightful and beautifully written.


  1. Hi Penelope :) Good to see you again! Life gets busy and blogging gets the back seat...that's as it should be.

    Happy Birthday to You!!!!!
    I hope this year is your best ever!

  2. Hi sweetie,
    Glad to have you back. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.


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