Word on the Net

Just a few of the interesting and funny status messages I have seen on across facebook these past few days.
{Last names and one number have been removed to protect the innocent...and my friendships.}

Michael  recently discovered that drinking from the carton is a safe, easy, and fun way to quench his thirst!

Michelle went on a really fun date with her husband. In other news, Michelle has a husband.

Kellie Yes, is still pregnant...

Kahner is a total stud. Seriously. I just checked.

Kristin Sundin Brandt: Extra Strength Tylenol + coffee = poor mom's Excedrin. Desperate times...

Brittany Was miraculously saved by Angela! Only a true friend would kill a spider that was stalking me!

Julie just hit the wall - off to bed

Alayne is running another 10k tomorrow morning and her legs are protesting in advance

Ryan: Just so you know....if lightning strikes the ground 50 feet from where you're standing, the thunder is LOUD!!!

Michael is now under new management. Coming soon "Michael: The Comeback: Summer '09"
{Michael always has hilarious status messages. I love it.}

April loves life... thats why its been decided that i am going to live forever. :D

Michael is seeing "UP" tomorrow. First person to text "MIKE UR COOL" to {Number deleted for privacy} gets to come.

Pierce: I'm just like you. Just 10X better.

Meredith: 80 envelopes + 1 tongue = 2 tongue paper cuts and 1 everlasting horrible aftertaste. Yuck!

Vanessa is going on the Walk of Death tomorrow. Yay!

Kahner wonders if they have surgery that could make him shoot lasers from his eyes. it's 2009. it could happen.



  1. LOL, I agree with the true friend killing the stalking spider :)

  2. Hahaha, those are awesome!! I just wish I could be that creative. I love funny status updates!!


    Ps, hope you join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!


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