I took Monkey to his favorite park today. It's an amazing park, with the Provo river flowing past, a large duck pond, lots of grassy areas, pavilions, a playground, a jogging trail, a wide forested area surrounding a small stream (Read: "the jungle"), and Monkey's favorite: two bridges.

We had been playing around, exploring "the jungle" for about twenty minutes when the first bee appeared. It was average in size and appearance, and was completely attracted to my bright blue shirt. Note to self: DON'T wear bright colors to said park, anymore! It has been drilled into me from childhood that if you stand still and don't flip out, that bees will eventually loose interest and fly away. I remember many times as a child, watching my friends go crazy when a bee came near. I would stand still, and say: "if you stand still, they won't do anything....see?" This method was tried and true.

Apparently this bee did not know that. It buzzed around me, and I made sure to stand still and wait for it to fly away. But it didn't. It continued to fly circles around me, apparently searching for pollen of some sort. The longer I waited, the more anxious I got. It hovered near the hem of my shirt, and I moved my hand to pull my shirt tight, lest the bee mistakenly fly up there. The bee flew behind me, and I took the opportunity to walk away.

After about twenty steps, I still heard buzzing behind me, so I stopped again, waiting for the bee to loose interest. That was when the second bee showed up. And my fear kicked in hard. The two bees circled around me, one getting terribly close to my face. Though all I could think of was the chance I had of being stung, I tried to stay calm and look natural...I did NOT want to look like the crazy-afraid-of-bees-mom. I was doing pretty well, until the third bee buzzed up...a huge, gigantic, larger-than-life bumblebee.

I didn't know what to do. I was almost paralyzed with fear. I shouldn't have been so afraid. After all, they were just bees, right? But I couldn't help thoughts of how much their stingers would hurt. It has been at least ten years since my last bee sting, and I wasn't ready to ruin my record.

After what seemed like hours, the biggest bee left...then another one left, and the last one finally gave up and flew away. When I didn't hear the dreaded buzzing noise, I let my breath out, and called Monkey to come to me. Monkey came up to me with a scared face, and said: "Mommy, you have bee on you!" I looked down, and sure enough, there was a bee sitting on my arm. I closed my eyes and took two deep breaths. When I opened my eyes, it was gone.

I scooped Monkey up and ran like none other. And I'm sure I did look like the crazy-afraid-of-bees-mom, but I don't care. Fear got the best of me.

When we got back to the car and Monkey was in his car seat, that was when I realized that I had a flowery scented lotion on.

Note to self: Save the flowery lotions for trips to the dinosaur museum.


  1. o my gosh that's so scary! I would have flailed at one bee and quite possibly have screamed without any self control. Just ask my siblings about how I am with bugs that fly at me. Good work holding yourself together.

  2. Penelope, that sounds so scary...almost like they were killer bees. You do have to be careful. Definitely save the flowery lotion for the dinosaur museum...LOL

    What a pretty park too :) It is beautiful where you live :)

  3. Stand still,with all that stingers ready to dig,no...RUN FOR IT!But you were brave!!I would have freaked out

  4. Oh, I am freaking out just reading that... I usually stand still too but I wouldn't have lasted that long, especially with more than one, without running like a crazy woman. I have never been stung by a bee but I have been stung by a wasp and found out the hard way I am allergic, don't really want to find out if that includes bees or not. I had to laugh at the end, though, definitely save that lotion for non-park days!

  5. I am so afraid of bees. My last bee sting sent to the doctor.

  6. Sorry babe, but I can't help myself. Did you really mean "loose" or "lose" :)


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