Time Travel Cheat Sheet

Have you visited the past lately? How did you fare without all the wonderful advancements in medicine and technology that we have today? Probably not so well. Well never fear, because you now have the Time Travel Cheat Sheet handy, the essentials for any time traveler. So before you fire up your engine, read this:

(Click picture to make it larger.)

This is probably the most awesome thing I have read all week...just a random thing I Stumbled Upon and had to share. C'mon, who hasn't wanted to go back in time and take the credit for some amazing discovery?  ;)

The Time Travel Essentials t-shirt and poster print are available at TopatoCo.com.

I really want the poster print!


  1. OH I love the idea of time travel!! nice post!

  2. Very cool, Penelope. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hmmmm, I wonder where I would go if I could time travel? I'm going to think about that...somewhere fun!...LOL
    Have a Great Day!


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