I Heart Faces - Week 15 - Self Portrait

I've been following this blog for a while, not really sure if I was brave enough to enter the contests they hold each week. If have loved their tutorials and fix-it-Friday posts, and have been learning so much about photography and photo editing. I've finally decided to enter their photo contest for my first time, so wish me luck!

Each week has a different theme, and this week's theme is "self portrait." There are two categories for entry, and adult and kid's category.
For the adult category, participants can enter of photo of their face, and their face only. The person must also be holding the camera (no tripods, etc...)
For the kid's category, the photo must be of the person entering, and one or more kids. The person also needs to be hold the camera for this one.

Here are my entries!

This picture was taken by me last week. It snowed here in Utah...in April!! I'm not sure I remember the last time it snowed in April, but I took the opportunity to take some pictures. If I had waited, I could have photographed the next day, which brought us around a foot of snow!

This was taken on the same day as the above picture. I can never get my son to look at the camera. :) This is me, trying to hold an excited toddler and an umbrella (to keep the snow off the camera) with one arm, and take a picture with the other, all while trying to avoid the snow falling in heaps off the branches above us. Good times. I played around with it in Photoshop, and ended up loving this look I got. I used THIS Coffeeshop action.

Don't forget to visit I Heart Faces to view the other entries!


  1. These are wonderful - love the umbrella!

  2. These are terrific! Great enteries!!!

  3. Look at how cute you are! I'm so glad you decided to join in the fun on our site. :)

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

  4. Penelope, you look gorgeous! Supermodel girl :D

    Your son is adorable in the pic with you too. I think you just might win :D

    Good Luck!

  5. very sweet pic of you and your little boy! you are both adorable!

  6. Awesome pic,both of you look adorable!

  7. Glad you decided to enter :-) I love both pictures!

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  9. nice and good articles in here, im glad to be here and make a friends with u......ur blog is my favo in technorati

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  11. Hi ,just dropping by to say that I left you an award at
    Have a great weekend!


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