Ultimate Blog Party 2009

The party is on...The Ultimate Blog Party 2009, that is! The women of the blogosphere have their favorite pajamas, work clothes, or everyday wear on, and are ready to hit up some blogs. This is my first time participating in the UBP hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom, and let me tell you, I am pretty excited.

But before the party really starts, I'll tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Penelope. I am the mother of a gorgeous son, born in 2006, whom I refer to as "Monkey," on the web. He is my sweetheart!

I am currently working towards a degree in Nursing. I hope to be able to work in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), where high-risk newborns receive intense medical care.

My favorite color is green. My son's favorite color is pink, which is just fine with me. I love the outdoors and all things nature. I am currently trying to "go green." I believe in being eco-friendly, and strive to reduce, reuse, recycle. Some people think I'm nuts, but my family loves me, and that's all that matters. ;)

Besides blogging and saving the earth, I also enjoy reading, listening to music, sewing, cooking/baking, letterboxing, and any type of crafts. I love old movies and am frequently re-watching them. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers has been my favorite movie since I was two, with Against a Crooked Sky coming in at a close second. My top three favorite books (because, you know, I have a list and all...) are: Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchel, The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillippa Gregory, and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein.

I hope you enjoy the party, and don't forget to head over to the refreshment table and try out some delicious recipes. Let the party begin!


I have a real treat for you! Please welcome the hilarious comedian, Anjelah Johnson!

Refreshment Table

Cowboy Salsa
Thanks to my cousin, Chandie, for the recipe. I love this stuff!

2 T. Red wine vinegar
1 1/2 - 2 Tablespoons hot sauce
1 1/2 Teaspoons Salad oil, or extra virgin olive oil
1 Clove Garlic, minced
Freshly ground pepper to taste
2 Firm, ripe avacados
1 Can (15 oz.) black-eyed peas (leave this out if you prefer.)
1 Can (11 oz.) Corn
2/3 C Thinly sliced cilantro
1/2 lb. Roma tomatoes, coarsely chopped
1 - 2 Bags Tortilla chips

In a large mixing bowl, combine vinegar, hot sauce, oil, garlic, and pepper. Peel, pit, and cut avocados into 1/2 inch cubes. Add to vinegar mixture and mix gently to coat. Drain and rinse the peas and corn. Add peas, corn, cilantro, and tomatoes to the avocado mixture to coat. Add salt to taste. Serve with chips.

Cranberry Royales
I haven't tried this yet, but it sounded yummy. Recipe from the MADD website.
We're alcohol-free here at Life's Sweet Passions. :)

6 Tablespoons frozen cranberry juice cocktail concentrate, thawed.
6 Teaspoons frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed.
1 Bottle of de-alcoholized sparkling wine
Garnish: 12 whole fresh cranberries
6 Orange slices, folded in half
6 Bamboo skewers

Place 1 tablespoon cranberry concentrate and 1 teaspoon frozen orange juice concentrate into each of 6 champagne flutes. Top with sparkling wine. Gently stir. Thread 1 cranberry, 1 orange slice and another cranberry onto each skewer. Place a skewer on top of each glass. Recipe makes 6 servings.

Thanks for attending my party, I hope you had a great time. And before you leave, don't forget to check out the Blog Party prize page, over at 5 Minutes for Mom to see what's available to win!

There are so many cool prizes to choose from! I had such a hard time deciding what I wanted to put into my list. I finally did it, though, and my top three picks are:
And if those three are already picked, here are my next choices, in order of preference:

1, 45, USC 66, 19, INTL 41, 21, 22, 26, USC 16, INTL 11, 14. Other than that, I'd be happy with anything!


  1. Awww, Penelope, what a great idea! I had fun at your party. That was great :)

  2. Penelope, Beautiful site you've got here, I felt right at home :).

    I so envy those who CAN pursue a medical career. Me? Squeamish at the sight of needles :/. You'll always be able to find a job in that field, though, so stick with it :).

    LOVED your recipe (it's one I've prepared myself) and the Nail Salon video? Yeah...people need to watch it if they've never seen it. Funny stuff!

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend! Nice to meet you! :)

  3. Penelope! I feel like I know you personally. I'll be doing my last year of nursing school this fall (at the age of 27..yikes!) and hope to work in a NICU. I've had three babies in there so it's almost like home. lol

  4. That was a great party! Thanks for recipe too:) Happy Weekend!

  5. Just going from party to party to see how others are doing this blogging thing.
    I watched all of the comedy video and it made me laugh this morning..thanks!
    Have a good weekend

  6. Tried to find the term for older man/younger woman online and only found Gold Digger...I'm gonna have to do more research on that!

    Great party!

  7. Looks like you like to have fun, that's what!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  8. What an AWESOME party! I am excited to try your punch....and your salsa for that matter. I suppose that means I have to actually MAKE something. Hmmm....

    What a wonderful field of study you are pursuing! I'm impressed :)Good luck with reaching your goal.
    The comedy video is on my list of rewards once I have achieved something constructive today ;)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I hope to see you again. (I love the nickname Monkey btw, I think all my kids have worn it at some point)

  9. What a Beautiful Page !!
    Have a wonderful Party Day !!

  10. Yummo!! Happy UBP!!! I am a professional blog hopper:-) Nice to meet you!

  11. I loved the salsa recipe and taking it with me. Happy Party!

  12. Oh I love this party! Green lover here too. Party On!

  13. sweet blog layout! and thank you for the movie and literary recommendations...i am always on the lookout for a well-scripted/written story. grazie!

  14. Hi Penelope-

    I love the nail salon comedian. I saw here last year. She is hilarious.

    I am stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party to check your blog out. What a great week we are in for!

    Check out my place for your chance to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System. :)

    The Divine Miss Mommy

  15. Congrats on pursing your nursing degree!! Stopping by to show some party love - have a great weekend!

  16. The Salsa sounds great, I would probably subsitute Black beans for the Black Eye Peas...
    I am having so much fun at the Blog Party.
    Thanks for having us in for some great recipes.
    Have Fun!!!

  17. what a great recipe party,thanks for sharing, here's my Party Post

  18. Hello! Poppin' in from The Ultimate Blog Party...all the way from Queensland, Australia! G'Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.


  19. Hi Penelope! Good luck on your nursing degree. I currently work as a nurse in a pediatric psychiatric hospital. Sad and sometimes frustrating but very fullfilling at the same time. I would love it if you stopped by and linked up to my Show off your Blog Saturday! I would love to read your favorite post

  20. great party here, your an awesome hostess thansk for the refreshments and fun, happy partying this is so much fun meeting all these new people this is my first blog hopping party.

  21. Stopping by from UBP. Thanks for the yummy recipes :)

  22. Hi, stopping by all the blogs in the party that I can get to. It's very nice to meet you and your blog! With how many blogs in the party right now, that is 254 blogs per day for 4 days! Wow!

  23. You are a nursing student as well! Super cool! Me too!

    I am considering alot of different options.. but I am leaning toward OB or dialysis.

    happy UBP 2009! Nice to meet you!

  24. Your salsa recipe is very similar to my favorite salsa recipe! Yum!

  25. What a cute, fun blog! Happy partying!!

  26. Great blog~!! Seems like we have a lot in common. I have always had a dream to go to nursing school and work in labor/delivery or NICU. That is awesome! I am so proud for you!

  27. It's great to meet you! What a wonderful blog. Hope you have a wonderful bloggy party!

  28. Thanks for hosting a blog party! You have a very interesting blog. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  29. Hello Penelope :)

    Would love to see your blog at herblogdirectory.com.

    Happy Blog party-ing !
    AKA Her Media
    AKA The almost always organized mom

  30. Nice to meet you!

    Talk about a party!

    I'm quite intrigued and am learning how to get around!

    Just stopping by from 5minutes for moms blog party!

  31. I love your site! So nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  32. Hi Penelope, I'm just hoping around from the UBP. I read your post on being a vegetarian and I think I'm in the same book as you. I like ribs just too much. My mom swears by a chocolate tofu pie, but I haven't tried it yet. Enjoy the party. I'll be adding you to my read list.
    Carrie Anne

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  34. Party Hoppin!

    Love the look of your blog! The background is so pretty. And we seem to have quite a few things in common. We be back!

  35. Hi Penelope,

    I'm blog hopping with UBP. Thanks for the party experience! I'll check out the recipes.

    Savor life's best,

  36. Hi, Party hopping and noticed I was your #3 pick!! I love it!! Good luck.
    (I am A Giveaway Addicted Mommy)

    You can visit my party HERE!


  37. Hi from UBP 2009!

    It is nice to meet you Penelope!

  38. Stopping by from the party to say Hi! Nursing, wow! Nice to meet you!

  39. Love your blog!
    Came in off UBP09!

    Keep it up!

  40. Hi Penelope,found you while dropping EC. Happy UBP week, hope you win a great prize! Seems we have a lot in common--my son was born in 2006, my favorite color is green, and I am in the health care field too!! Stop over sometime and say hello. Be Well, Jen

  41. Thanks for joining the UBP. I especially like your graphics

  42. I love the way you designed your blog. Nice!

  43. Thanks for joining the UBP. I especially like your graphics

  44. Hi Penelope! So nice to meet you. The party entertainment was fabulous!
    Just blog hopping in through the party link list.
    Stop in on my party if you've got a minute!

  45. Hi Penelope! I am visiting for the Ultimate Blog Party and checking out your blog, and your blog is so supercute!!!

    Good luck with your studies, it is truely a great field to go into...rewarding for both yourself and those you will be able to help ;)


  46. Just stopping by from the UBP! The recipes look great! Thanks.

  47. just sending some linky love and wanted to say hi -- fun party you are having here.

  48. wow you have food for your party, great idea, why didn't i think of that LOL
    love your name too, so pretty

  49. Hi, just stopping by for the UBP09! Thanks for stopping by my blog; I'm enjoying having the chance to "meet" so many other bloggers!

  50. I love your blog design, very cute! My mom is a nurse, not with babies but in a nursing home and she finds it very fulfilling and is always saying I should become one. I'm not as tough as she is though!

    Happy partying!

  51. Just stopping by to work the room at the UBP! Lovely site. And can I just say that Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is THE only musical. I used to watch it multiple times on Disney Channel when I was home from school in the summer.

    I hadsuch fun at your place. Come by and visit my place if you have time and check out my Etsy store. I have some really fantastic flashcards that would be wonderful for your little one. If you are interested, email me and mention UBP and I'll give you a 15% discount.

    Shannah at The Flashcard Zoo

  52. What a sweet blog. I love your party post. I'm just visiting via the UB Party. Never did find the correct Mr. Linky spot, so I'm afraid I'm missing out on the party :( Oh well, it's nice to "meet" you and stop on by for a visit sometime. Blessings!

  53. Stopping by from the blog party! Thanks for the laugh!

  54. Oh, that was cool! Thanks for the laugh! :-) I'll definitely have to check out your blog more later... (I'm just bookmarking everyone right now, while I blog-hop my way through the party :-p)

    Feel free to check out my blog, too! While I found the party too late to be part of the official prize giveaways, I do have a door prize at my blog: I'm giving away a free print copy of my book, "Two Snowflakes." Here's my address: http://twinhappyjen.blogspot.com/

    It was nice to meet you!

  55. Stopping by from the UBP! Hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did!!! =)

  56. Visiting from UBP! Enjoyed reading your posts & meeting you! Thanks for the refreshments!

    Stop by ~ I have 3 blogs & the buffet table set!

  57. Thanks for entering the giveaway for the Twitter Page Design on my blog. In celebration of my design blog grand opening and because you stopped by, I'm offering 15% ANY blog design package from now til April 4th. If your interested, stop by my site again and follow the steps on this post.



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