Pictures Not Included

I have had so many things I wanted to blog about this past week. For one thing, I went to the Bar J Wrangler's concert I talked about, and LOVED it. The performance was just as good, if not better, than I remember. My sisters and mother were also there, making the event even more great.

I also bought a couple things from Etsy in an effort to support handmade items...okay, so I actually bought a lot. I got carried away...it's for a good cause, right? Right?

Monkey got a haircut. His hair no longer falls in his eyes, and the curly wings that cover his ears are gone. We went to a wonderful place called Cookie Cutters, designed especially for kids, where he was treated so nicely, even though he was crying through most of the cut. They were real kid-handling pros. 

I got new jeans; possibly the best-fitting pair of jeans I've had in years. I'm not kidding. These rival my favorite pair of jeans I blogged about last year, that were so hard to part with even after they had ripped, that I re-made them into a skirt, instead of tossing them.

I bought a darling locket (From Etsy, of course) that I now wear just about everywhere. Why? Because I bought it for the specific purpose of holding my son's picture. You should see it; it is exactly my style (or one of them...I have many "styles"), it goes with everything, and Monkey knows that mommy wears a necklace that opens to show a picture of him. He loves it, too.

So why haven't I blogged about any of these things until now? Easy. The camera is lost.

Yep, gone... Don't ask me how, or where, it has gone, it just is.

And I'm going crazy without the pictures to document my life.

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  1. I hope you find your camera soon! I would die!

  2. Pene,
    I was checking out Heather Miller's blog and I saw a link to yours....man I can't believe how time flies by. It seems like yesterday that I taught you in Beehive class (man this means I am getting old). Your little boy is adorable!


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