Adventures in Vegetarianism

Okay, so I'm not a vegetarian. I'm not sure I could ever be a vegetarian, since chicken is like the ultimate food to me. But I was looking for recipes that included more vegetables, vitamins, proteins, and all that fun stuff and decided to do a search for vegetarian dishes. I found a lot of great recipes, and have already added them to my recipe book.

But my heart stopped when I found a recipe for a vegan chocolate cake. My mind ran racing at the thought of eating a chocolate cake that would be good for me. The recipe swapped black-eyed-peas and tofu for the flour, and there were no eggs, or milk. Not to mention that the picture of the cake looked like the most scrumptious thing in the world! I decided to broaden my horizons and bake it.

I don't ever use tofu or black-eyed-peas, so I made a trip to the grocery store before coming home to prepare the dessert. I was a bit curious to know what it would taste like, and my excitement grew as the cake's aroma rose from the oven in huge whiffs. It smelled good!

After waiting anxiously for the cake to cool I cut a piece and snapped a picture to document my first adventure in vegetarianism. The cake looks more like a brownie, but the texture is amazing. Does this not look like a yummy cake?

I soooo wanted to write a blog post about how I tried a vegan cake, and loved it.

I was so prepared for that post.

But the cake was not good, and now I have to write a post about the cake that tasted like grass, mud, and chocolate.

I so wanted to like the it...it smelled and looked amazing! But I could not even finish the first piece. I'm not the only one. A couple family members tried it and weren't too fond of it either. *Sniff* *Tear*

So while I'm still fully willing to eat healthier foods and try vegetarian recipes, I think I'll stay away from the vegetarian desserts from now on...chocolate should taste like chocolate, and mud should never be a dessert flavor.

Oh, and the grass, mud, chocolate, taste has stayed in my mouth for days!...

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  1. Well, the cake looks really good. Too bad about the taste. I think sticking to fruit is a safer and yummy vegetarian alternative for desert, or maybe a yummy rice pudding :)
    I give you 10 stars for trying it though!

  2. It does look like a yummy brownie, sorry the taste didn't turn out so good :(. I had a friend in grad school who was a vegan, and I admired her for it but after eating dinner at her apt I knew I wasn't cut out for it...

    I like the idea of finding some veggie recipes though. We drink a lot of V8 Splash juice at our house, it tastes like fruit juice but it has lots of veggies in it.

  3. Hi!

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    God Bless,

  4. That is hilarious. Bravo for you for trying it. I agree, if you're going to eat chocolate, it should taste like chocolate!


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