MyPyramid for Preeschoolers

It is hard for me to decide exactly what to feed my son each day. First, there is the task of making sure his nutritional needs are met. I have no idea what amounts of fruits, veggies, and grains my son should be eating with each meal. Second, there is the huge slight problem of preparing tasty food that Monkey will actually eat more than one bite of. He loves food and will eat almost anything...as long as he's craving it. If not, he won't even take a bite. Plus, I've never much of a chef. You remember the movie Mermaids, with Cher starring as the free-spirit mother who only cooks finger foods? Yep, that would be me.

Which is why I almost jumped for joy when I came across the website for the new Food Guide Pyramid. First of all, the pyramid is completely revised into a better model of daily food portions and exercise (see above picture). It gives you the opportunity to customize your pyramid to your lifestyle, because in their words: "One size doesn't fit all."

But that's not what I'm excited about. The US Department of Agriculture has also designed a Pyramid especially for Preschoolers!

The pyramid was made to be customizable for children ages 2-5. It gives you your child's recommended servings from each food group based on his/her age and activity level. The plan also gives you the options to:
  • Complete a growth chart for your child and learn about normal development.
  • Help your child learn about healthy eating habits.
  • Find advice about picky eaters. (Ding, ding, ding!)
  • Learn how to add physical activity into your child's day.
  • Learn the safety rules.
They also offer suggestions for meals and snacks, as well as fun things you can do together in the kitchen.

I've already printed off Monkey's customized Pyramid and it is waiting on the fridge, ready for me to use it. :)

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  1. I ran across that too and made one for my daughter. I've been keeping track of what she's been eating for a couple of days to try and see if she's where she should be.


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