Cattle Call

I cannot wait to get tickets for this show! Ever since I had the opportunity to see this group during a family reunion, I have been dying to see another show. They put on the best western music show possible, entertaining their audience with great, lively music infused with good-natured humor. The one time I've seen them perform, I was a rebellious, snotty teenager who couldn't be bothered to act like I was having a good time (even though I really was having a good time) at a family reunion...until they sang the first song, and I was caught smiling and laughing like everyone else.

In the summer the Bar J Wranglers perform nightly at the Bar J Chuckwagon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. During the other months, they take their music on the road, and this month they will be playing at Thanksgiving Point in Utah! Since this is their third annual Thanksgiving Point appearance, it seems they have been here before...but I must have been living in a cave before because I don't remember hearing about them until now.

I just hope I don't have another "Twilight Movie Premier incident" before I can get the tickets!

If you live nearby and would like to see the show, you can purchase tickets HERE.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that my post title is a bit questionable...FYI, I'm not calling anyone cattle; it's the name a song that the Bar J Wranglers sing. :)

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