3 Reasons Why I Have a Will at The Age of 20

1.) My son
He is almost the single reason why I have a will. For one thing, I don't want my money and assets tied up in court, and my son not able to reach them, for any longer than the time it takes to read my will. For another thing, no one--not even a court of law--knows better than me, who I want to raise my son if I for some unforeseeable reason pass away. I have a lot of close relatives and I don't want there to be any questions or hurt feelings.

2.) I know exactly how I want my affairs taken care of.
It's no secret that I like things done my own way. I know exactly what I want to happen if were to pass away, and who I want to carry my wishes through. If I didn't have a will, a court would take months to decide what they deem would be best with my money and it would most likely not be what I want. Picky, I know, but I like it that way.

3.) Seven out of Ten people pass away without one.
Shocker! I know it's not really fun to be thinking about one's own death. I don't like it either. But I read this statistic two years ago and couldn't get the thought of not having a will out of my mind. What would happen to my son? How would the courts know that I want my parents to raise him? If they were gone as well, which of my siblings would the courts pick? Would he be sent to a foster home until they decided?  I nearly went insane.
I was almost to the point back then, when I would have gone ahead and paid to have my will made, when I read in my work's newsletter that they offered free will services to employees. What? Free? Wow! I called the number provided and made an appointment with my assigned Lawyer for the next week.

It was so easy! When I went in for my appointment with the lawyer, he asked me questions about who I wanted to raise my son, names of the people I wanted as beneficiaries, who I wanted as representative of my will, and so on. I gave him the names and that was almost it. He emailed me a couple days later with a draft of the will for my approval and then I went in after that and signed it. Voila! I now have myself a will and am worry free.

I have gotten some laughs from my family members about having a will at my age, but it is so worth it to me! :)

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  1. You are so wise beyond your years! It really is important to have your wishes in a legal document... just saying something out loud does not make it so... Smart woman!

  2. this is a great idea! when i was in college, i wanted to have my last testament written out already. until now, i have procrastinated and havent done it yet. this is a great reminder for me.

    by the way, im new to your site and i like it! :D

  3. I've been pondering on mine since my boy was born. I've been putting it off because I still haven't made up my mind on some things.

  4. Good for you. You are a smart woman!

  5. I love your blog design! Your header is sooo chic!


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