Nancy Drew and the Double Jinx Mystery

 Look at these book journals I've found! They're made by ex libris anonymous, who takes the covers from old books and uses them as the covers for new journals! I love, love, love the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys journals:

And take a look at this Dr. Seuss journal (I especially like the clear spiral):

What's more, the site also does custom orders. So they will make a journal out of any book you send for $10! I'm thinking a Twilight journal would be nice... :)

What a great way to be green! Now, let's see who's birthday is coming up next...

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  1. Love them. And love the previous post. How do you find these things?

  2. I found these upcycled journals just the other day and I am in love, I can't wait to get mine for Valentine's...well that's what I asked for atleast

  3. What an awesome idea! But now I'll have tons of book covers all over the house waiting to be made into journals. LOL

  4. wow, that is great! I love Nancy Drew too...and I read a lot of them in my high school days (15 years ago).

    Uhm, Twilight would also be a nice cover for a journal, maybe in the future.


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