Belated Bragging

So you've seen the toddler dress, the wall art prints, and the aprons. But here are three more gifts I made for this past Christmas. You got a sneak peek of these three, but now that all the gifts have been given, you can see exactly what they are.

A Family Game:
My aunt and uncle and their family are huge BYU fans, so I decided to make them a game dedicated to BYU.
I took and old game-board:

...and added paper and embellishments:

I called the game Hike the "Y!"

 ("Y" Mountain is a popular hiking spot in Utah. It has to do with BYU and it's graduating classes - more info here).
I made up rules to the game and printed out game cards. All in all, I think it turned out pretty well!

A Personal Touch:
These handkerchiefs used to belong to my grandmother. I had been trying to think of a gift that I could give to each of my sisters, as well as my mother, when I fished these out of a drawer in my room.

I decided they would be the perfect thing to give, and got to work embroidering them.
 (Don't mind the color on some of these pics.)

I made these origami boxes out of some vellum I had lying around ('cuz I'm green like that), added some tissue paper, and they were finished!

Just What She Asked For:
This was my other gift to my mother. (Terrible picture, I know) She asked for a purple church bag, and I made her one.

Of course, I snuck in a little green, just for fun. F.Y.I, the color here is a light green, though the picture came out yellow. *sigh* I guess I need to stop taking pictures at nighttime.

I had so much fun making my Christmas gifts this year, I am making my 2009 Christmas gifts, as well!

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  1. very creative and great gift ideas.

  2. Way cool gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You're so creative! I love the "Hike the Y" game, too cool :).

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