Are you a Foodie?

 I found this site on The Succulent Wife's blog, and almost died. Foodzie.com is sort of like a food version of Etsy. It's a place where artisan food producers ("foodies") can sell their items. And boy, is this site tempting. Just in time for Valentine's day!

I've got to show you my favorites:

Lemon Truffles by Seth Ellis, Chocolatier
"When we make candied lemon, we have lots of wonderful lemon syrup and small pieces of lemon left over. Our natural inclination to avoid waste led us to create this tasty lemon truffle, made from fresh cream, butter, 66% dark chocolate and plenty of our lemon syrup. The zesty little bits you'll find in the ganache are chopped up pieces of our amazing candied lemon slices."

 Don't these look amazing?

 Spiced Honey Creme by Honey Ridge Farms
"For our Gourmet Spiced Honey Crème we stir our uncooked artisan honey with a mixture of flavorful spices. This creamy honey spread is delicious:
- on toast, scones, biscuits pancakes and waffles.
- as a sweetener for tea and other beverages.
- in hot and cold cereals or use as a topping for desserts.
- in your favorite sauces, for grilling meats or cooking"

 This would be great on a piece of toast!

Candied Lemon by Seth Ellis, Chocolatier
"We weren't satisfied with typical candied fruit, and decided to find a way to get more lemon in our candied lemon. By using a three-week-long traditional European process to gently crystallize lemons, we're able to preserve the soft fruit of the lemon slices and their intense lemony flavor. Because our lemons are so tart, we double-enrobe the quartered slices in 66% dark chocolate. There's a real piece of lemon waiting for you in each bite" 

 I'm not sure how much I would like this, but it does sound good, and I like the picture. :)

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