The Greatest Snow on Earth

Look at this amazing snow we got last night. It's shimmering and powdery! This is my favorite type of snow, because:
  • it's powdery texture makes the perfect snowman-making snow
  •  it shovels easily
  • the snow flakes are huge, and are fun to watch fall
  •  you can play in it, wearing thin-knit gloves and not get your hands too wet
  • it's the ideal ski and snowboarding snow
Oh ya...today, Utah definitely had the greatest snow on earth. And Monkey and I couldn't wait to get out hands in it:

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  1. Aww.. perfect! It looks like he enjoyed it!!!

  2. I guess we just need to bring our family to Utah for a vacation. No snow here to speak of since 1989.

  3. We're expecting snow tonight. It will look so pretty with all the Christmas lights - call me a traditionalist, but I do prefer my Christmas to be white...

  4. Snow is all around us. Even in the soggy northwest coast. It is beautiful. I just wish the wind would go away. It makes it to cold to play.

    Have a Merry Christmas.


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