Blog Advent Tour 2008 - December 2nd

Welcome the my blog, and thanks for stopping by! This is December 2nd's stop on the Blog Advent Tour, 2008! Hosted by Reading Adventures and The Written World.
I'm going to be honest, I didn't start thinking about what I wanted to post for this until the day before I was up. For one thing, the holiday rush really got to me and I didn't realize how close my day was. I also couldn't decide what to post about. 
You see, for me, the Christmas season means a lot of things. It's the season that we all celebrate the birth of Christ; the season I spend hours, days, weeks even, getting ready for; it's the time of year that brings the most families together; it's Winter's time to shine. All of the things I love about joy are packed into this one month; the songs, the snow, the cheer, the frenzy, the smells, the love. How does one summarize the beauty of Christmas in one post?
Well, I can't. It would take numerous posts, and lots of pictures. I just have this one post. So the best I can do is to leave you with something that I think sums up the holiday season fairly well. I've never been one for describing tastes with words. Phrases like: "This pie tastes like a summer afternoon" have never been my way of thinking. 
But for me, this drink has always sang the holiday tunes.

Hot Spice Punch

5 Quarts water
4 Cups sugar

6 Lemons, juiced
6 Oranges, juiced

1 Large can pineapple juice

10 Whole cloves
2 Cinnamon sticks

Place water and sugar in large pot. Add spices and bring to a slight boil. Let mixture simmer until the water turns an amber color, then remove all the cloves (you can do this now or later, but it is easier to see them all now). Reduce heat and add the juices. Serve hot and enjoy! :)

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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to warm yourself on a warm winter evening!

    I agree it is really hard to talk about all of Christmas in one post! Choosing an individual aspect each year is the way I do it too!

    Thanks so much for participating on the Tour.

  2. This sounds lovely. Even though it is summer here, I'm tempted to make this for a Christmas party I'm having next weekend. Maybe we can warm up after going swimming??

  3. You're right, it's hard to describe so many beautiful things about this time of year and just one post! Your recipe certainly helps though, sounds yummy, I'll definitely be making that this year! Happy December! ;-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your holiday punch. Sounds yummy.

  5. Looks delicious. I think I will have to try it.

  6. Adding this to my list of Blogger Christmas Recipes that I started last year with this Advent tour! Yum! :)

  7. 'The songs, the snow, the cheer, the frenzy, the smells, the love.' - I love these parts of Christmas, too! I never get stressed by the throngs at Christmastime. It all adds to the energy I soak up during this season.

  8. haha, another recipe for me to try. At least this one doesn't require heat so there is no chance of me burning the kitchen down! lol

    Thanks for participating!

  9. What a yummy drink.

    It is hard to post about Christmas, there are so many things that are going through my head right now.

    I see you are also a SITSah. So merry SITSmas. Today is a great day, go check the humongous giveaways.

  10. That sounds absolutely delightful. And I agree: it's hard to pinpoint Christmas down to one thing. :)

  11. It is really hard to "do Christmas" in just one post, but I think you summed it up very well with the punch recipe because one can really imagine the Xmassy smells from the punch :o)

  12. mmmm.... i could curl up with a good book, some Christmas music, the lighted tree, and a cup of this cider.

  13. mmm, I can smell that punch from here. Merry Christmas!

  14. What a lovely recipe, and I have a family Christmas party with lots of teens and young chldren, so this punch will be perfect! That, and there's no alcohol, which I don't have. Yummy, it looks sooo good, a wonderful addition to my kitchen Christmas recipes. Thank you for sharing it!
    PS other than Christmas, I dread winter, even though in Canada we have 6 months of it. So I had to laugh at how much you love it, because other than freshly fallen snow, I think only Christmas and the Solstice when the sun comes back, are good about it! :-)

  15. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  16. It sounds delicious! I think my mother served something like this, but she added tea to her recipe. The spices are what make it extra specialy and Wintry to me. It was nice to visit you!

  17. Sounds delicious. I love hot drinks in the winter time.

  18. You right, it hard to talk about what Christmas is in one post. Christmas mean lot of things to many people. And during the holidays, there always too many things running in people head.

    I love Christmas and it my favorite time of the year. Just love everything about it. And with your wonderful Hot Spice Punch, I might try to make this for Christmas party at my friend house. Thanks for the recipe!

  19. What a nice simple recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  20. What a cozy warming drink. It looks yummy! Thanks for sharing...

  21. Sounds like a great punch to try. I agree with you, there is so much to the holiday tht it is hard to put it all together for one post. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the warmth of the punch after a cold day spent outdoors.

  22. Sounds good. I need a new punch recipe. My old one is getting . . . old.

    While I'm out and about for the Blog Advent Tour, I'm inviting folks to the Saturday Review of Books held at my blog Semicolon each Saturday. If you've never participated, it's a chance to leave links to your book reviews for the week and read those of others. Here's last Saturday's Review, for a sample. I hope to see you on Saturday

  23. Hi,

    I want to tell you that you are one of the lucky winners to the Hip Mama's Place Christmas Giveaway Event. Congrats!!! :)

    Check out the announcement today at: www.hipmamasplace.com


  24. Hi!
    I am late getting around to everyone's blogs. Your punch sounds delicious!! I'll agree with you, it's hard to describe in one or two paragraphs what Christmas means. Thanks for sharing.



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