Two Years

 Two years ago from Saturday, my son entered this world and began his journey in life. That night, I was blessed with the amazing gift of motherhood.

I often look back and laugh at how naive I was that day. Holding my tiny baby in my arms, it was so easy to look to the future and see picnics, outings, days at the park, etc... I was scared to death, yet it all seemed so easy that I didn't care about any worries I had.

In the past two years, I have to say that my vision of the future has changed a bit. I still see picnics and outings, but I also see lots of preparation, planning around nap time, and hoping no fits are thrown.

Now, you are probably thinking I'm a terrible mother, and I shouldn't say these things. Read on.

I have changed over the past two years. So has my list of life's skills and accomplishments. Where before there were things such as: Athlete, school girl, baker, athlete; there are now things such as: Self-made doctor, personal secretary, caretaker, nutritionist, and the occasional tantrum-fore-seeing psychic.

 Now, when I say that I was naive for thinking that life would be so easy, I meant it. I was naive. Because life  for me has been hard. I think it's hard for everyone, no matter the situation. But it's amazing how much you learn--on purpose, or by accident--when you're just living that hard life! For a long time I thought I was doing all the teaching. But I've realized that it's a fifty/fifty experience. For everything that I teach Monkey, I learn something in return. For everything that you give life, it gives you something back. And I think that is what the gift of motherhood is about; not just to teach, nurture and love, but also to learn, grow, and be loved yourself!

I know I'm not done learning. In fact, five years down the road, I'll probably be saying how naive I was for writing this post. :) But I am so glad for what I have been taught so far. Without Monkey teaching me, it might have taken a much longer time to come to this point.

Well, there you have it; my realization. I started this as a post to tell you all about the wonderful day we had at the zoo for Monkey's birthday. Apparently my mind was in a different place. Look for the post tomorrow!

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  1. What a sweet post! Motherhood been an ongoing learning experience for me too, not easy but more than worth it. :)


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